Vinoa is the ultimate new wine shop, offering wine lovers a brand new ways to discover and enjoy wine.

We offer a wide selection of great artisan wine in small bottles, what we call “By the Glass”. This is a fantastic way to enjoy a glass of great wine on a week night, or at the week end, without thinking twice about it. No more frustration of having good bottles at home, but never opening them because it’s never the right time.

It’s also a great way to venture out of your comfort zone, and try new wines, and discover your new favourites. You can see our full range here.

The bottles are the size of a large glass of wine: 187ml, which is a very generous glass of wine. The perfect size for when you want just one glass of good wine, without having to open a full size bottle.
Not at all. We used to only sell subscriptions, but since mid 2016 we offer the possibility to choose any wine you like and buy it as you would from any other wine shop. So no subscriptions involved.

Simply browse our selection, choose your wines and checkout. Simple! We’ll ship your order within 48 hours and your wines will then usually take 2 working days to be delivered by Royal Mail.

The minimum order quantity is three bottles when ordering wine by the glass. It can be three bottles of three different wines, or three bottles of the same wine, or indeed any combination you choose to go for.

You can order any number of bottles from three upward – you can start putting together our selection by viewing our selection here.

Of course ! If you regularly enjoy our wines by the glass, and want to get regular deliveries, you can sign up to recurring orders.

Simply head to the sign up page and click “Get Started”. Choose the right frequency and wine selection and then you can forget all about it. We’ll make sure you get a fresh delivery of wines by the glass at your chosen frequency, so you never run out of great wines!

We want to offer our customers an amazing experience of great wine; if you are unhappy with your Vinoa box for any reason, we’ll refund you.

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific “pre-paid” gift pack just yet, but we are working on it. Stay tuned!

However, you could simply sign up to a subscription, and enter your love one’s detail in the shipping section, and your own detail in the billing section. This way they would receive wines and you would get the invoices and payment reminders. They would never see any price or invoice. A lot of our clients use this method and it works like a charm.

Simply start your journey here.

Firstly, the wines we select are a world away from the wines you find in your local supermarket or high street shop, especially than those in small bottles as these can only be produced by ultra commercial wineries using mass produced wine. The wines you get in your Vinoa box are all premium artisan wines.

Secondly, our bottles are actually repackaged into small bottles by ourselves, using a process we have invented and developed with a team of French oenologists. This means that every bottle you get has originally come in to us as a large bottle and has been rebottled using a complex process that is costly.


All orders are shipped within 2 days of being placed. We will always send you an email when your order has been handed over to Royal Mail for delivery.
We deliver anywhere in mainland United Kingdom
Our delivery company is Royal Mail. All parcels are delivered using the “ROYAL MAIL 48 FULLY TRACKED” service, and you will receive email and email notifications from Royal Mail about the status of your parcel.
Royal Mail, our delivery company offers quite a few ways to get your parcel. If you are out when they deliver, you are free to instruct them to leave your parcel in a safe place, or with a neighbour, alternatively, you can re-arrange a delivery for free on a day you are in. So getting your wine should be a breeze.

Indeed; that is one of our customers’ preferred options.

We recommend getting delivered to a place where someone can sign for the parcel during normal delivery hours.
If your workplace has a reception or concierge, we will require a signature from them.
To get delivered at work, ensure you do put your company’s name on the delivery address.

Yes, that is a very popular option when you are not home during normal delivery hours. Your neighbours will need to sign for the parcel. The other possibility is to designate a safe place for delivery.

Unfortunately not at the moment. The service is offered to UK residents aged over 18.


The wines we choose are artisanal wines from all over the world, that are truly exceptional. We prefer to work with winemakers that have a sustainable approach to viticulture, as we feel those wines are not only a better expression of fruit and of terroir, but more importantly it is vital if we want to go on enjoying wine.

Cyrus and our team of sommeliers taste nearly 10,000 wines a year, visit numerous wine regions and wineries, which means they select only the very best wines, produced by the most talented winemakers from around the world.

Conventional winemaking uses a lot of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and other chemical products. These products are not only harmful to humans, but they also kill microorganisms in the earth.

These microorganisms are crucial in the cultivation of quality grapes that are at the heart of any great wine. Sustainable viticulture, at worst aims to reduce the use of these products and at best stops using them altogether.

Obviously wines don’t have a sell by date, but we have included a “to be enjoyed before” date as we want you to enjoy each wine at its peak. The smaller the bottle, the quicker a wine will age. This means that the wine in our small bottles will age considerably quicker than they do in large bottles.After the “to be enjoyed before date” the small bottles will not taste 100% like they do in large bottles and will be past their peak.
Unfortunately, small wineries cannot afford to produce wine in small bottles as it is extremely expensive and requires new bottling lines. To produce wines in small 187ml bottles, and even more so in 50ml samplers, you need to produce very large quantities for it to make any sense. This is why only huge, ultra commercial wineries sell 187ml bottles. And practically no one produces sampler size bottles!

Our unique reformatting process is the reason only Vinoa offers a selection of quality wine in alternative formats such as our samplers and wines by the glass.

Cyrus and our team of sommeliers, work with wineries all over the world to select the wines. The wines are then ordered in normal 75cl bottles. These wines are then re-conditioned into small 187ml bottles. We do this using our unique anaerobic reformatting process which has been invented and developed by Vinoa and a team of oenologists.  Our process, which basically prevents any wine coming into contact with air, ensures that you get a small bottle of wine that tastes exactly as it does in large bottles. This is the reason you will not find wines of quality in small quarter bottles anywhere else than with us.
We try to offer as many tips, advice and guides as we can, both on the tasting cards and in the online videos. If there is anything you would like to know more about, or just learn, please do ask, we would love to help!

Please do let us know if you disliked one of the wines and we will credit it on your following order.


We accept all UK registered Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards, as well as American Express credit and prepaid cards. Unfortunately we currently are unable to accept any other form of payment.
Unfortunately we cannot accept Maestro or 3D Secure Cards at present. If you are not able to register your card because it has been declined, we recommend you contact your card issuer to inform them of your wish to register to Vinoa. For any other reason, please do contact us at [email protected] and let us know, we’ll be more than happy to help out!

Whether it’s because you are going off on holiday or because you have stacked up a few bottles and need a bit of time to go through them, you can pause your deliveries whenever you wish:

  • Simply log in to Vinoa.co.uk
  • go to “my account”
  • and click on the pause option
To do this, simply log on to vinoa.co.uk, go to the “my account” section
To do this, simply log on to vinoa.co.uk, go to the “my account” section

To do this, simply log on to vinoa.co.uk, go to the “my account” section