About us


Have you ever come home and really wished you could sit back and enjoy just the one glass of great wine? But you don’t want to open one of your nice bottles for just one glass.

We hear you.. we’ve been there.

That’s exactly why we created Vinoa!

As a Vinoa customer you’ll always have a glass of great wine available to treat yourself.

We created Vinoa in late 2014 because as wine lovers, we loved to drink and enjoy good wines and we obviously loved the experience of wine when we went out. You see when you’re out at a bar… or at a restaurant you can order your wine… by the glass. And if you’re a true wine lover, and unless there are 4 of you is probably the best way to enjoy wine. It’s obviously the best choice if you’re by yourself or if your partner doesn’t drink wine. But it’s also a great way to drink fantastic wines without having to spend a fortune. And of course.. it’s an amazing way to explore the world of wine.

But when you’re at home… it’s not the same. Either you open a full bottle or you buy small bottles of complete plonk. There’s nothing descent that you can enjoy in small bottles out there!

So we created Vinoa, the idea was to offer the best wines from around the world in small bottles.

Simple! but doing it was much… much more complex.

We spent nearly 3 years creating a process that allowed us to repackage wines from normal 75cl bottles to small bottles without affecting the wine. Today our unique anaerobic reformatting process means we can offer the world’s very best wines, including old vintages in small bottles for you to enjoy a glass of great wine, whenever you want.

Welcome to Vinoa – the ultimate wine shop.




Cyrus has over 20 years’ experience in the wine trade. He first studied wine in Montagne St Emilion (Bordeaux), and became a buyer for large supermarket chain in Cahors. He then moved to the UK and trained with the WSET. Cyrus headed the wine department at the prestigious Partridges of Kensington, representing wine estates from around the world. He worked with many star sommeliers and restaurant groups before becoming UK director for large Burgundy group Boisset, and worked with all of the UK’s main importers and merchants. Cyrus has the tough job of tasting over hundreds of wines every month and visiting vineyards to ensure that you get nothing but spectacular wines.


Greg studied engineering at Supelec School of Paris, where he first discovered wine and started the school’s first ever wine society. He went on to head web projects at SFR in Paris, then moved to London to join Adobe’s Digital Marketing team, working with clients such as Barclays and Skype. While his web development skills made the creation of the interactive guide possible, it’s his engineering skills that have enabled Vinoa to be the only business in the UK to use the unique Anaerobic technology. This is where the normal sized bottles of wine are reprocessed into the miniatures you receive every month. At Vinoa Greg is kept busy by managing the monthly bottling process. So next time you open your box, spare a thought for Greg.